Earn more with a good degree

What is the relationship between the educational results at the university and the salary after the graduation? What degrees are preferred, and remain practical for students who want to earn more? A study conducted recently happens to answer those questions.

Students who achieve a first or 2:1 can expect the biggest salary.

On the other hand, students with 2:2 or a third may have financial problems after graduation.

The study also shows that graduates with 2:1 or higher result earn 7%-9% more than others. The premium for students with a good degree especially increased between two eras of students, Young Ones era and Fresh Meat generation era.

This research proves that there’s a strong positive association between achievements at the university and earnings after the graduation, and this association stays strong even in a few years after the graduation. Employers often judge candidates by their grades, and other academic achievements.

Many people now think that studying at the university is a personal investment. It leads to the popularity of education and increasing of the premium for a good grade.

Academics tell that a degree system should become more nuanced if employees want to use it in order to develop a wiser approach to selection of the candidates for a job. They also think that one’s grades should not be the only mechanism for selecting, and marketization of the higher education shouldn’t cause increasing of the premium.

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