Government announces structure changes to GCSE exams in 2017

Students and teachers of English schools should be ready for changes in content and structure of GCSEs. The Department of Education officially announced that students should prepare themselves for the first set of new exams. It will be ready by summer of 2017, and the exams are going to take place the same year.

How exactly will the exam system be changed? The first difference between GCSEs in 2015 and 2017 is a new grading scale. It’s been confirmed by Ofqual that the letters from A to G will be replaced by numbers from 1 to 9. Students whose results are below the minimum required level will receive a ‘U’. So employers and universities should learn more about a new system before 2017 if they want to provide the fairest conditions for all candidates.

The second difference is a more challenging course content. Exams will be harder for students. The Department of Education states that this reform in testing is supposed to help young people to get better results in the global race. So students have to be ready for more complex tasks on different subjects.

The third difference is that the number of students who got 5 or more ‘A’ to ‘C’ on GCSE exams will not be used for school ranking. The new ‘Progress 8’ score will be used instead.

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