What does the university subject say about the intelligence of a person who chose it?

The most academically able people often decide to apply themselves in rather demanding scientific fields, like mathematics, engineering, physics etc. The statistics for the last 70 years show that these students always show the best results in aptitude tests.

It is no wonder that students want to be challenged by the subjects they’re studying, and thus, the hardest subjects are appealing to the cleverest scholars. Interestingly, students who study agriculture and education are often considered as least academically able in comparison to those who, for example, prefer math.

A researcher from one of the universities claims that the subjects and occupations are consistently valued over the years. He collected data from the 1960 and compared it with today’s data. His research shows that the social sciences have become more popular over time. The results of this research also revealed that now, students who are considered to the cleverest, are more interested in studying business, rather than science.

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