What subjects studied at university can make you a billionaire

Choosing a major, when starting your university education in your decision has influence not only on your academic years but on your future job too. The right choice of your major, and your subjects can facilitate you earning more, when you are no longer a student.

With the help of Forbes, the interesting research was provided. The main subject of this research was the education of the top billionaires in the world. The results also include other information about richest people, such as county of birth, age and gender, etc.

There are college dropouts and people without higher education in the list. But this research can show that 75% of billionaires have scientific degree, about a half of them are bachelors.

There are also statistics about subjects which were studied by rich people. The most perspective area is engineering – almost 50 billionaires have this education. More than 70 people from the list have economics or business education. There are also people who studied law, applied sciences, mathematics and commerce, philosophy and history.

Most of the billionaires graduated from Harvard University. There are also many graduators from Moscow State Institute, Pennsylvania University, and other universities.

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