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What type of service does your company provide?

We provide our clients with such academic writing services as research, essay and thesis writing, and overall completing of any kind of academic work. We have a great team of qualified and experienced writers that can assist you with any subject. Our professional team can complete any assignment with just your basic instructions, and additional materials they are able to find on their own. We understand that your everyday life, just like every student’s life, is full of routine duties, as well as unexpected circumstances that can negatively influence your academic success. There comes a time when we all need some assistance, and that is what we have been doing for more than 10 years. We help students from different countries to make their academic life a little easier.

How fast can a writer complete my paper?

Our website offers the following deadlines:

  • – 3 hours
  • – 6 hours
  • – 12 hours
  • – 24 hours
  • – 48 hours
  • – 3 days
  • – 4 days
  • – 7 days

The best solution is to place an order for academic writing service as soon as you realized that you will not be able to complete it by yourself, and you will need some help. This way our team will have enough time to take all the necessary steps to complete your order. However, you will be informed immediately via phone or email if for some reason writer is unable to deliver the paper on time. All in all, our team will do everything possible to complete your assignment within the deadline you requested.

How can I find out whether my order was finished or not?

At this stage, there is an important task for you – to check your email daily. Once a writer submitted a completed paper we will send a confirmation to your email address. You will get an access to the final version of your paper and will be able to download it as soon as you get an email notification. After you got your completed order and downloaded it you will be charged according to your initial order price. Note that in some cases writer will come up with more pages that initially required in order to fully reveal the concept and idea of your assignment. But you will surely be warned about that beforehand, throughout the writing process.

Is there any additional information for my order that I need to provide for a writer?

In most cases our writers are able to find all required information to complete an assignment. On the other hand, some topics are difficult to tackle due to the limited number of sources available. In this case, a writer warns you about such lack of sources, and may request additional materials from you, for example, lecture notes from your class or scanned pages from your textbook, as it may not be available online. By submitting these materials when you are placing an order you save writer, and yourself some time, and make it easier for our team to submit your assignment on time. Besides that, if there is any information that you want to have in your paper you are welcome to provide us with it as well. However, it is completely up to you whether to do that or not.

What do I need to specify in my order details and instructions?

The most important things like a number of pages, desirable title (if you have one, if not our writer can come up with that himself), type of paper, deadline, and specific resources, if there are such, must be included in your order details. Since, the quality of your paper depends a lot on the quality of your instructions, it is better to give writer instructions that are as detailed as possible. Letting writer know what your expectations are about how your work should look like will give him or her a better understanding and will positively contribute to the end result.

What kind of writer will be completing my order?

Assigning a writer is one of the most crucial steps in the whole process that can influence your academic result. This is the reason why our team is checking all the details of every order and evaluates it to see which writer will be the most suitable for this particular task, which writer might have completed a similar task, and thus, has more experience in tackling an assignment like yours. Our writing department will choose the most qualified writer who has necessary knowledge and expertise in your field. We work only with professional writers who hold Master or Ph.D. degrees. In addition, all of our writers are passionate about what they do and have years of professional experience as academic writers.

How can I communicate with my writer?

Our site’s system allows customers to contact writers that are completing their paper directly. Our website features a messaging system that makes it possible for a client and writer to have a conversation at any stage of the writing process. This way if either you or your writer has any questions or requests regarding the paper you can easily reach out to each other and come to a mutually satisfying conclusion. This option was designed for the client to have a possibility to control the progress and clarify any issues. Besides, our customer support service is available 24/7 if you need additional assistance (for example if a writer needs to be informed about new messages from a client).

What do I need to do if the completed work does not meet my requirements?

All of our writers do their very best to stick to the order instructions provided, whether they agree with them or not. However, it’s only natural that under some circumstances a client may find himself dissatisfied with an end product, because the writer missed something. For cases like that we provide a client with a 7-day free revision policy to endorse 100% customer satisfaction. If this does not satisfy you, we offer a feature that allows you to re-assign your paper to another writer or demand your money back through our refund policy. We have no problem taking all these measures, as a satisfied customer is our goal.

Can I trust your company and why should I use your service?

Our company is dedicated to making our customers satisfied by providing the highest quality academic writing service for them. We are growing and improving our services every day to ensure that our work will meet our clients’ needs and expectations. We don’t just want to keep our position in the industry, we want to help more students to achieve their goal by truly assisting them with their studies. We have been on the market for long enough to realize that our company’s success depends on our clients’ positive experience. Lastly, our website offers the most reasonable prices. here

Why am I not able to place a large order with a short deadline? Why is this option not available?

It takes time and effort to write a high quality paper. Our company’s main objective is to deliver premium quality service, which will not be possible to achieve if the time period given to do that isn’t realistic. It is more important for us to have clients satisfied with the quality of the work provided, rather than with the quantity. However, our site provides clients with an option to place multiple orders for individual parts of your dissertation, allowing tackling big projects like this possible, as the work can be divided among several writers.

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