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In life of not only professional researchers but students and even schoolchildren, there are situations when you need to write a dissertation, a report or presentation. And if professionals cope with this task quite easily due to the great experience, students have difficulties. This is due to the fact that scientific statements are inherently different from traditional written works and their compilation is subject to different rules.

Regardless of whether you write a short essay or a doctoral thesis, your report will be the most difficult part to formulate. Properly written abstracts reveal the purpose of your document, thus serving as a means of controlling the functional purpose of the provisions of the document and its structure as a whole. Without good thesis your arguments may seem weak, insufficiently appropriate and uninteresting to readers.

Writing this part of your work is an important way to inform colleagues about the conducted scientific research or clinical observation. Its definition is easy. These is a shortened version of a scientific article, summary of the available material, the disclosure of the essence of the report, in brief terms. There are different types of theses. One of them is PhD (doctoral) thesis. You can search for the information to your thesis online or in the library.

Poorly written theses can scare the reader from interesting scientific topic. Conversely, successfully created theses text draws attention to the scientific material, and to the speaker.

How to write a thesis?

Your paper informs the listener about certain points and arguments that are contained in a document. It serves as a kind of map showing the listener your argument or analysis, and how you interpret the importance of your own topic. Thesis gives answer to the question: “What is the topic of the document?” Furthermore, thesis statement:

  • contains certain statements, not just lists the facts and makes a review of the document;
  • defends the point of view, that is said about your relationship to the particular topic;
  • explains what you want to discuss;
  • answers specific questions and explains how you justify your arguments;
  • It is debatable that anyone could argue with you about the presence of the opposite position, or vice versa, hold your approval.

Thesis binding should be used in you text. At the end of the paper you should write a summary of the work done, describe future plans and the direction in which it makes sense to continue scientific research. The need for the latter usually based on the fact that any work has its drawbacks, and therefore it can and should be improved.

Your pronunciation

You have to make sure that your thesis is recognizable. To do this you have to use quite specific tone, with a special construction of the use of certain phrases and words. Use phrases like “because” and vocabulary that expresses your confidence and ultimate conviction.

Know where to place thesis phrase

Due to the role played by thesis statements, usually they go immediately after the first paragraph or after introduction. Despite the fact that most people are looking for a thesis after the first paragraph, their location may depend on a number of factors such as how long the entry you want to be or the length of your document.

Limit each one to 1-2 sentences. Thesis statements are clear and help to understand the topic of the document, as well as your position on the subject. Use proper format for your work. In the UK there are several formats used.

Write down your thesis. Rough record of your work will help you get back on track and develop your ideas further and clarify the content of the document. You can check the consistency, clarity and conciseness of your paper. Do not forget to use correct format in your thesis. In the UK, you can use Harvard style.

There are two approaches to writing a good dissertation. Some believe that we should not start writing a document without having finished and recorded your theses, even if you have little to correct them afterwards. Another approach says that you cannot know where you can end up, so do not write this work, not knowing what you have to say.

Analyze your work, when you decide that it finished. The objective is to identify possible errors, which can weaken the work. To understand what to do and what to avoid, consider the following:

  • Never write theses in the form of a question. Appointment of it – to answer questions, not ask them.
  • It is not a list. If you are trying to give an answer to a particular question, do not use too many indicators for this that will get you out of focus. Be brief and compressed.
  • Never mention another topic, which you are not willing to discuss in the document.
  • Do not write in the first person. Statements like: “I’ll show you …” are not very good.
  • It is not necessary to be militant. The purpose of your document is to convince people in the correctness of your position and not to push them. The best way to do this – to get them to listen to you. Try to stay unbiased, trying to find common ground in the different views.

Think of your thesis as a fact that protects a lawyer. Theses should explain the matter, which you are going to do and how you do it. You can also think of the paper as a contract. The disclosure of the new ideas to the unprepared reader may push him away. Thoroughly proofread your work in the dissertation. Effectively built thesis keeps control over all stated allegations. They determine what you should not say. If the statement does not support your thesis, lower it, or change the second one itself.

When writing a scientific paper the most important rule is: every sentence you write should disclose new information. Only by following this rule you could write meaningful text. Also, do not forget about proofreading. And create a correct referencing.

Dissertation is a result obtained in the course of work, it shows the level of preparedness of the author and his supervisor. The theses should be written only about the facts that the person was able to achieve or develop. If the work is done with somebody else, you have to specify all the participants.

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